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Sallie Lynn Davis


Extreme attention to detail and an all-encompassing use of her canvas, Sallie Lynn Davis translates the very spirit and life-force of the subjects she paints with dry pigment pastels, acrylics or oils.  Once you view and appreciate the truly three-dimensional quality of her work, you'll find yourself anxiously awaiting her next creation.


Davis has studied with world-renowned wildlife artists Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman, Richard Sloan, the late John Seerey-Lester, and the late Simon Combes of Kenya, Africa.


Also, a mural and portrait artist, she captures the natural curiosity and intensity of each subject.  Sallie's exquisite attention to detail defines her art, captivates, draws you into and transports you with the realism of her subjects.


She states: "I intend my paintings to be more than just good art.  I attempt to create a lasting image of the curiosity, intelligence and uniqueness of each, often endangered, subject.  To me that means realism without compromise and calls for total honesty in the art."


Whether you are looking for something wild and exotic or prefer a more conservative look to add to the art you own, Davis delivers.   Art collectors from around the world have commissioned her to paint life-size murals of the animals or loved ones they love most along with incorporating traditional framed pieces to add to their prized collections.  You too can enjoy the artistry of Sallie Lynn Davis.  Indulge your imagination with her exceptional artistry.  Preserve your most precious memories of a beloved pet or family member with one of her classic oil portraits. 


Discover for yourself the awe-inspiring beauty of the artwork of Sallie Lynn Davis and "Indulge Your Wild Side".

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